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Davis Lighting (Preferred Supplier)

Davis 2011.03 v2

123 Gardens Drive, Willawong, QLD, 4110


07 3712 8988


07 3272 8988





Davis Lighting, founded in 1983, is an innovative and progressive lighting manufacturing company committed to providing a quality product to our customers, while also saving them time and money. Based in South East Asia, Davis Lighting is part of the Davex Group, which in turn is part of MWE holdings, a public listed company with other major interests in textiles and electronics.

Davis Lighting uses the latest in computer modelling software for the design and development of lighting products that meet the strict performance criteria set by our engineering department. The design features address both photometric and mechanical issues, making our products not only high in performance, but also easy to install and maintain.

Davis Lighting does not compromise when it comes to safety. All products are manufactured in accordance with the international electrical safety standard IEC60598.1 & associated parts, and comply with EMC regulations, now mandatory in many of the countries serviced by Davis Lighting.